The final episode of Wild Carpathia follows the changing seasons from the ripe glory of autumn through the depths of winter to the first flush of spring and witnesses a landscape of unparalleled beauty, a world of vivid colours and timeless tradition. From villages and communities prospering thanks to conservation and eco-tourism to ancient neolithic cave houses, from remote snow-clad mountain peaks to churches of ice the show will present a side of of Romania never seen before. Featuring stunning wildlife footage and moving interviews with a firmament of experts, his stunning 55 minute film will once again reveal the devastation caused by illegal logging. Wild Carpathia Seasons of Change will also examine how and why this needs to be stopped to avoid the wholesale destruction of Europe’s last great wilderness and its most priceless treasures.

See how the prosperity of rural areas depends on a symbiosis between man and nature and how conservation and protection of natural and cultural resources can provide a sustainable future for all. Wild Carpathia – Seasons of Change is not just about the beauty of Romania through the changing seasons but also argues that this is the time for change on a much wider level.

Carpathia’s historic villages can only retain their growing national and international appeal so as long they are not eclipsed by the high rise of concrete and cement culture or dwarfed by insensitive modern development. Wild Carpathia Seasons of Change demonstrates how protecting this cultural wealth actually safeguards the future for people living in these communities. And crucially – by creating prosperity through edo-tourism, there is less incentive for people to go out and illegally tear down tens of thousands of hectares of forest every year.

Romania has the greatest biodiversity in Europe, it has the last great wilderness and most of Europe's surviving large carnivores. Described as the lungs of Europe, it also has perhaps the most enduring and authentic historical landscape. All of this is under threat from ruthless exploitation and short-term thinking. With the right controls and regulation, with the right education and encouragement these treasures could make Romania one of the wealthiest countries in the EU. It will also become a shining example to the rest of the world of how man can live in harmony with nature, and with the past, blending new ideas and innovation with tradition and the wisdom of generations.

Find out how this can be achieved and witness a landscape like no other; a landscape teetering on the brink of destruction but still one of the most unspoilt and beautiful regions in the whole of Europe.