Wild Carpathia is a unique trilogy of films about the priceless majesty of the forests and mountains of Romania. Presenter and poet Charlie Ottley takes viewers on a tour of this extraordinary region and uncovers a world of medieval villages, ancient monasteries, historic traditions and mesmerising beauty.

From Transylvania’s stunning national parks to the Danube Delta, we get a unique insight into a landscape that has endured unchanged for thousands of years and is still home to wolves, lynx and the largest concentration of brown bears in Europe. Over the course of the 4 episodes we meet a glittering array of characters from local shepherds, environmentalists, artisans and musicians to rock stars and royalty all dedicated to preserving what has become Europe’s last true wilderness.

Wild Carpathia has, with the help of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and other key supporters, become an international phenomenon. Seen all over the world and translated into eleven different languages this is not just a series that celebrates Romania’s timeless appeal but one that also seeks to educate and inspire.

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