Defusing Human Bombs is the incredible story of the Sabaoon School in Pakistan, which uses psychology, religious scholars, and other techniques to undo years of Taliban indoctrination in the hearts and minds of young boys.

Filmed over a period of 18 months, the film exposes the incredible hardship and violence the boys experienced during their time with the Taliban, including abduction, brainwashing, and aborted suicide missions. Run by Hum Pakistani a local NGO with security provided by the Army, the Sabaoon School has been a ray of light for families living in the Swat area of Pakistan. However, its mission of rehabilitation is not without problems or danger; only a fraction of the boys have made a successful transition back into society, and one of the school’s teachers was assassinated.

The film illustrates the challenging task of attempting to help the young and vulnerable escape the power of the Taliban in Pakistan.