A new original series in which average Americans are confronted with the realities of illegal immigration while retracing the footsteps of dead border runners.

Six Americans are tasked by a frontier medical examiner with retracing the footsteps of three dead migrants – three of the nearly 6,000 illegal immigrants who have perished in the desert in the last 15 years while trying to cross from Mexico. Gathered at the morgue, they’re told: “We’ve given them a name. You must give them a story.” Split in three groups, the six – from all walks of life – head for Central America. From there, they work their way back as the migrants they are following did, finally regrouping at the U.S.-Mexican border where they will attempt the journey that proved fatal to ‘their’ migrant.

Episodic Synopses

Episode 1

Six Americans – strangers from all walks of life – gather to embark on a haunting journey that begins in the Pima County morgue’s dead-body freezer.

Episode 2

The six are split into three groups, each tasked with retracing one dead migrant’s past, and discover the grave circumstances that led “their” migrants to risk their lives.

Episode 3

Things get real in gang controlled Arriaga, when the six climb atop a cargo train known as “La Bestia,” or “The Beast.”

Episode 4

It’s the final leg of their perilous journey and the six must face sweltering heat during the day and nights that drop below zero – how long can they last?

Episode 5 - Beyond Borderland

The cast assembles for a reunion for the first time after tracing the journeys of migrants who died crossing the border. Hosted by Antonio Mora.