World-renowned storm chaser Reed Timmer faces some of the most destructive tornadoes in history in this groundbreaking documentary series. Featuring beautiful and rare weather footage, Tornado Chasers lets you experience the intense fury of tornadoes.

When quiet skies give way to fearsome storms, Reed must deal with increasingly violent tornadoes that strike populated areas. Prepared with his fleet of armored “Dominator” vehicles, Reed assembles his chase team and partners with television networks to deliver live warnings. Celebrity meteorologists, such as Jim Cantore and Ginger Zee, join Reed in Oklahoma to relay tornado reports across the United States. Known for his extreme and controversial style of storm chasing, Reed attempts to drive his Dominators directly into tornadoes.

Episodic Synopses

Episode 1: Liftoff

The new chase season launches as Reed and the crew add a third Dominator to the fleet. Reed joins the KFOR weather team to bring unprecedented coverage of nature's fiercest storms to residents of Tornado Alley.

Episode 2: Legends

Jim Cantore, famed meteorologist and Reed's hero, arrives in Norman to chase in the Doms. With severe weather in the forecast, Reed connects with his team members, including a wavering Joel Taylor.

Episode 3: Helix

The chase season roars to life as two Kickstarter backers, Ray and Bill, join the TVN team. Reed and his crew observe a rare and dramatic tornado, along with the destruction it leaves behind.

Episode 4: Payback

After Reed's success the day before, Dick abandons the TVN team and goes rogue. With an outbreak brewing in Kansas, Reed makes a risky move to chase in Oklahoma.

Episode 5: Warning, Part 1

With twisters targeting the OKC metro area, Jim Cantore joins forces with Reed to provide real-time warnings. A breakneck chase through the populated city of Edmond leads to the team's first intercept in Dominator 3.

Episode 6: Warning, Part 2

The unrelenting chase continues as Reed, Jim Cantore, and the team intercept another tornado before it grows into a mile-wide wedge. Coming upon storm damage, they perform search and rescue as a new tornado forms near Shawnee, OK.

Episode 7: Home, Part 1

Reed's tornado intercepts gain national attention as the TVN team gears up for a stronger round of severe weather. Ginger Zee joins Reed and Jim Cantore for a chase day that threatens the city of Moore, OK.

Episode 8: Home, Part 2

A devastating tornado tracks through Moore, OK, very close to Reed's house. Reed and the team, along with Jim Cantore and Ginger Zee, must decide whether to continue chasing or return to Moore.

Episode 9: Stranded

Reed and the team journey north to Kansas and come face-to-face with a mile-wide wedge. The storm turns the roads to mud and traps the Dominator in the tornado's path.

Episode 10: Overtaken

With 'Dominator 2' in rough shape from the previous day's intercept, a new tornado threat looms over Bennington, KS. Reed pushes his science mission to the limit as a massive wedge engulfs him and his team.

Episode 11: Nemesis, Part 1

A potentially catastrophic tornado day threatens central Oklahoma. Upon reaching El Reno, Reed and the team witness the birth of a violent wedge tornado.

Episode 12: Nemesis, Part 2

Reed's team pursues the El Reno wedge as it grows into the widest tornado in history. After the Dominator's hood gets ripped off, Reed helps Mike Bettes whose Weather Channel vehicle was crushed by the tornado.