There Is Many Like Us is an incredible true story of a couple who met in a prison camp in occupied Poland during World War II and managed to survive, only to be separated and then meet by chance thirty years later and finally get married.  The filmmaker, Josh Webber, grew up hearing about his grandfather’s miraculous escape through a secret tunnel during the Holocaust and set out to tell his story while he was still alive.  Along the way he uncovered an even more fascinating love story of how his grandfather, Max, had actually first met his wife, Rena, in the Pawiak prison camp but they had been separated after his escape.  However, shortly after the liberation of the camps Rena bumped into one of Max’s friends who had also been at Pawiak, at a train station while she waited to return to her hometown and told him to tell Max she was alive!  They were able to meet again and rekindle their love even though they had lost hope that the other would have survived.  They spent several blissful days together and happily made plans to get married.

Unfortunately, this was not the last struggle they would have to overcome.  Weeks later Max was in a devastating accident which saw him hospitalised for many weeks.  By the time he was able to return to Rena her parents had already married her to somebody else.  Heartbroken, Max returned to Warsaw where he eventually met and married Halina, Webber’s biological grandmother.  They moved to Montreal and were married for thirty years until Halina passed away from cancer.  Most Holocaust survivors in the Jewish Canadian community knew of each other and Max had known that Rena was living in Toronto.  While on a business trip there he decided to take a chance and look her up and found that she was widowed as well.  They had lost each other for thirty years but their love had not diminished.  Finally able to be together, their moving story has an amazing ending and they have now been happily married for twenty five years.

The title of the film, There Is Many Like Us refers to the whispered first words of support Max gave to Rena while in the prison camp.  Webber uses re-enactment scenes, stock footage and interviews with his grandparents in this high quality production, bringing to life this inspiring and unique story.