Flavours Of… sees gastronomer Charlie Ottley challenge his taste buds as he travels through some of the most exciting and unpredictable countries in the world, from South Africa to Scotland, Greece to Mexico, through to Colombia. Charlie travels the length of these countries in his quest for the best, packing in as much adventure as possible; from diving in Kalymnos to trekking through the Amazon to surviving the Day of the Dead festival. Prepared to risk life and limb in his quest for fun, fulfilment and a full stomach, Charlie experiences a mouth-watering trip where he samples the bizarre and wonderful dishes of these countries, and by the time he’s finished there are few flavours he hasn’t tasted!


HD Series:

Flavours of Colombia (2012) - 6x30'
Flavours of Scotland (2011) - 6x30'
Flavours of Greece (2010) - 6x30'
Flavours of South Africa (2010) - 6x30'
Flavours of Mexico (2009) - 7x30'

SD Series:

Flavours of Spain (2008) - 6x30'
Flavours of Peru (2007) - 7x30'
Flavours of Chile (2005) - 4×30'