This documentary series explores how and why we are influenced by art, who funds art in an attempt to influence the way we think, if contemporary art still fulfills our creative needs and desires, and what could become the art of tomorrow.

Episodic Synopses

Episode 1 - What is art for?

We cover how art is a fundamental need within us from birth without conditioning. One that exists for all of us. Not only art gives us “the joy of making” but also the pleasure of bounding, sharing, making sense of the world.

Episode 2 - Secrets behind Modern Art

We see how our modern world was actually shaped centuries ago through new ideas and new artistic approaches. And we learn a new history of Modern art – an attempt for artists to reach the unseen through their work.

Episode 3 - Cold War, when art took sides

We see how art could be a tool for supporting ideologies and we learn that free enterprise was being promoted by the CIA after WWII as a means of exporting “freedom” around the world.

Episode 4 - The truth about Contemporary Art

We learn what contemporary art is made of. We define the dispositive surrounding contemporary works that sometimes challenge the viewer by bringing publicly activism and politics.

Episode 5 - Different voices

We meet artists and see how much they care about the seriousness of their practice – whether they paint, carve or create digital works. When they generally don’t want to belong to a movement or have a label put on their work, they all value the importance of the collective.

Episode 6 - Art and money

We try to define the complex relationship between art and money and realize the importance of being critical in a world where everything and everyone seems to have a price.

Episode 7 - What future for museums?

We define the role of museums and see how easily they could become a simple touristic attraction. We then realize that museums would likely be relegated to the outdated scrapheap of history, as more and more people assume it’s not for us, or it’s obsolete.

Episode 8 - And now what?

We question the subject of beauty and transcendence in art. We realize that art has this magical power to slow us down – whether we’re artists and simple observers. Art is our best way of knowing who we are and what we have yet to become.