The Royal Tour is a groundbreaking series of television specials, produced and hosted by Emmy Award-winner Peter Greenberg, showcasing nations in a way no visitor has ever seen them before. Guided by some of the most dynamic and powerful heads of state, Peter journeys deep inside each country to offer viewers an all access pass to extraordinary locations, historic landmarks, and cultural experiences.


In Mexico, Peter is given a personal tour by President Felipe Calderón, one of the most dynamic leaders of Latin America, going beyond the headline to journey deep inside Mexico, explore the legendary ruins of lost civilizations and uncover the essence of this captivating and complex nation with the President as his guide.

In Ecuador, Peter receives a royal tour from the President Rafael Correa, showcasing the visual gems that his country has to offer. They swim with piranha in the Amazon rainforest, go whale watching in Manta, visit cacao plantations (aka chocolate) in Cacao and go diving with sharks in the Galápagos Islands, before returning to the President’s hometown. This is truly an all-access pass.

In Israel, Peter is joined by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a very special tour with unprecedented access inside a land both sacred and conflicted. They travel by helicopter, dune buggy and bicycle throughout Israel – the birthplace of the world’s three great religions – exploring the country’s iconic destination whilst discussing the ongoing situation in the region, the Palestinian statehood and the prospects for peace.