For years scientists believed that once the brain had gone through its critical period of childhood growth and learning, it had completed its development. THE BRAIN FITNESS PROGRAM dispels that contention by unveiling what over 50 international neuroscientists at the frontier of brain science have concluded about neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to grow, learn, adapt, and even rewire itself beyond our youth and into old age.

Host Peter Coyote unravels the secrets and mysteries behind this cutting edge science to offer one of the most inspiring and optimistic views of human brain health – how to help the brain help itself. This program explores the foundation of these new discoveries and illustrates a system for strengthening the brain to make it perform with more agility, speed and comprehension particularly in the area of sound processing and hearing. It is based on the premise that if we exercise our brain, as we do our bodies, we can continue to operate at a high peak of attention in which all of our senses remain sharp and fully engaged until the last days of our lives.