THE BOY INSIDE follows an extraordinary year in the life of a teenager with one of the worst cases of Tourettes in America.

Zack Lamb’s twitches and the strange sounds he makes are uncontrollable – and they are getting worse. These tics get in the way of him making friends, despite his sweet nature. The one place Zack gets some respite from loneliness is the summer camp he attends each year for kids with Tourettes Syndrome. But this year isn’t like other years…

Zack has developed the worst tic of his life. A hitting tic that demands he punch his parents. Repeatedly. And with all the power of a violent rage. This new tic will test his family’s love for each other like never before.

As Zack’s ticcing gets more extreme and more dangerous, his mother is forced to explore radical treatments. She resorts to a medically induced coma and, ultimately, experimental brain surgery. But what if she’s made a terrible mistake?

As the stakes rise, the Lamb family can only hope their bravery and fierce compassion will be enough to see them through an extraordinary medical rescue mission. And if they’re lucky, let them rediscover The Boy Inside.