The use of the human being in Auschwitz as a medium for “in vivo” experimentation, performed by medical doctors, formulated and supervised by anthropologists and controlled by the wheels of State at the highest level, is one of the fundamental characteristics of the Nazi racial policy; and yet, up to now this phenomenon has never been treated as a subject in its own right, either on television or in the cinema.

Moreover, unlike the medical experimentation carried out in the other camps, the Auschwitz doctors indulged in two types of experiments intended to establish the supremacy of the Aryan race: on the one hand, the sterilisation of women and men, in order to prevent the expansion of the European peoples of so-called inferior race; on the other hand, with Dr. Mengele and his experiments on twins, the Nazis attempted to penetrate the secrets of genetics, in order to multiply the Aryan race.

This film  has its own cinematic autonomy, and at the same time it is a part of the trilogy Destruction,”  composed of “Auschwitz, the First Testimonies” (Part 1), “Criminal Doctors, Auschwitz” (Part 2) and “Sonderkommando, Auschwitz-Birkenau” (Part 3).