Conquering The World follows the dramas and dangers of Richard Parks’ epic 7-month World Record attempt to climb the highest summits on each of the world’s continents and stand on all 3 poles (The North Pole, South Pole and the summit of Everest) making history in the process.

The gritty and inspirational documentary gets under the skin of Richard’s punishing 18 months of training and transformation from rugby player to mountaineer, as well as following every gruelling step of his world first challenge to make mountaineering and polar history. This emotional journey allows the viewer to experience the highs and lows of extreme altitude and the hardships and endurance it takes to conquer the world’s 7 summits and poles back to back.

From the wilderness and beauty of Antarctica to the brutal ascent of Mount Everest. From exhaustion to severe frostbite, to falling through deadly crevasses, Conquering the World is a story of risking life and limb to make ground-breaking history and achieve the unachievable. A jaw dropping narrative of human sprit and endurance to the corners of the Earth.