The extermination carried out in Auschwitz was a totally different phenomenon. The purpose of this trilogy is to show Auschwitz from a different perspective - to present different stories and images from those we already know - and show what led to the disappearance of the victims.

Destruction is a trilogy of stand-alone films consisting of:

  • Part I: AUSCHWITZ, The First Testimonies, 77min
  • Part II: CRIMINAL DOCTORS, Auschwitz 54 min
  • Part III: SONDERKOMMANDO, Auschwitz-Birkenau 53 min

Episodic Synopses

Episode 1: The First Testimonies

The film presents 4 testimonies describing how the Auschwitz complex worked. These accounts were written in the days following their return from captivity. The fact that they were written immediately after the events experienced, as well as the purpose that inspired them, give these testimonies a particular quality that brings us closer to the reality of Auschwitz and to the people who did not survive it.

Episode 2: Criminal Doctors

The use of the human being in Auschwitz for “in vivo” experiments (i.e. on living people) practised by medical doctors, thought out and supervised by anthropologists and directed at the highest levels of state is one of the basic characteristics of the Nazi racial policy. Unlike the medical experiments done in other camps, the Auschwitz doctors engaged in two kinds of experiments aimed at the supremacy of the Aryan race: on the one hand, the sterilisation of women and men in order to prevent the growth of European populations said to be of inferior race; on the other hand, through the experiments on twins by Dr. Mengele, they tried to penetrate the secrets of genetics, to multiply the Aryan race.

Episode 3: Sonderkommando

The Sonderkommando parchments, manuscripts written at the very moment the events took place, and the testimonies given in the following weeks, reveal what the Nazis wished to hide and eradicate at all costs: how the ultimate process of the "final solution" was carried out in Auschwitz: the treatment of the bodies.