(from realscreen.com, 11/03/14) –

Discovery Networks International has acquired 90-minute natural history doc Wolves Unleashed from London-based distributor Scorpion TV.

The doc – which will air on Animal Planet across Europe, Africa and the Middle East – follows animal trainer Andrew Simpson as he spends five months in a remote camp in Siberia helping director Nicolas Vanier with his narrative film about wolves, Loup. The doc attempts to dispel myths about wolves, by revealing a more nurturing, affectionate side to the animals.

“Wolves are one of the most misunderstood animals of all time,” said Scorpion TV managing director David Cornwall in a statement. “This is a truly eye-opening and emotional film which makes you question everything you thought you knew about wolves. It demonstrates the incredible bond between man and animal, and what we are capable of achieving.”


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